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Obama’s Libya Speech, Modified for OWS

Today Obama gave a speech about the death of Muammar Gaddafi and the new responsibilities of the Libyan people. I’ve modified a section of that speech for the inevitable success over the financial industry that holds America–and the rest of the world–hostage and imprisoned by predatory financial practices. It is a speech I hope to hear next October.

“Today, the governments of the world announced the death of the large multinational banks. This marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of the world, who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny and a new and democratic world. For decades, the financial industry ruled the world’s people with the almighty dollar. Basic human rights were denied, innocent civilians were indebted, enslaved and impoverished, the world’s wealth was squandered. The enormous potential of the people was held back, and terror was used as a political weapon. Today we can definitively say that the financial regime has come to an end. The last major regime strongholds have fallen. One of the world’s longest serving plutocracies is no more.

“One year ago, the notion of a free world seemed impossible, but then the people rose up and demanded their rights. And when the banks and their forces started going city to city, town by town to foreclose, penalize and collect from men, women and children, the world refused to stand idly by. Faced with the potential of mass atrocities and a call for help from the world’s people stopped the banks’ forces in their tracks. A coalition that included all free nations persevered through the summer to protect civilians. Meanwhile, the courageous people fought for their own future and broke the back of the regime.

“This is a momentous day in the history of the world. The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted, and with this enormous promise, the people now have a great responsibility: to build an inclusive, tolerant and democratic world that stands as the ultimate rebuke to the banks’ greed. We look forward to the announcement of the world’s liberation, a quick formation of socially responsible local banks and credit unions, and a stable transition to the world’s first free and fair elections, untainted by corporate interests. And we call on our friends to continue to work with the international community to end predatory practices and to respect the rights of all people, including those who’ve been in debt.

“We are under no illusions. The world will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. There will be difficult days ahead. But the world’s governments are committed to the people. You have won your revolution. Now we will be your servants as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. For the world, today’s events prove once more that the rule of the almighty dollar inevitably comes to an end. Across the world, citizens have stood up to claim their rights. Youth are delivering a powerful rebuke to plutocracy. And those banks who try to deny their human dignity will not succeed.”

Posted by sethpeck on October 20,12011 HE.

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