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A Sonnet for an Old Friend

Seth Peck feat. Will.i.am Shakespeare

So fair and foul a day I’ve not seen
That ’tis requir’d of me to write
For seven years it has only been
Since first you made my commute light
And allow’d me to travel to places unknown
And provided respite from rainy hikes
But your engine has died, its spirit a-flown
Now only memory, to be garnered “Likes”
A pick-and-pull shall be your new home
Thy limbs and organs shall new life give
A Mirage you were born; a mirage you become
In other carriages will thy surety live
I might shed tears for thee, on the morrow
‘Tis true: parting is such sweet sorrow

Posted by sethpeck on February 26,12012 HE.

Categories: Reverence

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