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It’s Been Five Minutes

I didn’t create this game, but I sure have relished in it.

This game is for clock watchers, perfect for a Friday afternoon at work when nothing is going on and time seems to be passing quite slowly. All you have to say is “It’s been five minutes”.

What makes this a game is that it’s FREAKIN’ ANNOYING to be reminded of how slowly time is passing on a not-so-busy afternoon. Once the first person says “It’s been five minutes”, everyone should feel disgusted and respond with “You asshole!” as acknowledgment of said reminder.

From here it gets tricky. The next person to say “It’s been five minutes” will be the new leader, but it actually has to have been five minutes since the last person said “It’s been five minutes.” If it hasn’t been five minutes and someone says it, they are the new loser, as it actually hasn’t been five minutes yet. Of course, in this game, there really is no winner or loser, just a group of participants sharing in the misery of how slowly the day is progressing.

After that, it’s all about creativity (think rickrolling). You can say it by sending a text, scheduling a meeting request in Outlook, sending them to a site that says it’s been five minutes, Tweeting it to your followers, generating an automated messaging query in a database server, IM’ing it in binary, leaving it as a comment for review in a submitted code file, redirecting to this blog entry, or using some other type of math (“It’s been 300 seconds”) to deliver the reminder that “It’s been five minutes.”

Thanks to James Aleba for coming up with the concept, and to David Waidmann, Todd Allen, Auric Mason and Sajjad Tariq for sharing in the misery through many hours of late-afternoon nothingness.

Posted by sethpeck on June 21,12011 HE.

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